What all HMO landlords need to understand about the new legislation [INFOGRAPHIC]


Do you own an HMO rental property?

Have you been trying to make sense of the impending changes to HMO licensing?

If so, you’re not alone. Scores of landlords, tradesmen, and even renters around the country are scratching their heads wondering how it will affect them. Read on below for the full details.

Or if, like us, you are more of a visual person, we’ve created a handy infographic to summarise the key points of the new HMO legislation. Click the infographic image below to view full-size, and feel free to share if you find it useful.

Design Work Studios HMO licensing infographic


Types of HMO licenses

The first thing to understand are the three different categories of licensing (if you know this bit, skip ahead!):

  • Mandatory licensing, for all large HMOs (house in multiple occupation)
  • Additional licensing, extra criteria issued by local councils
  • Selective licensing, also by local councils, which can even include non-HMOs


Mandatory HMO licensing changes

The changes we are covering here are related to mandatory licensing legislation. This was previously only applicable to a ‘large’ HMO. Your property is ‘large’ if it is at least three storeys high, and occupied by at least five people from more than one household, who are sharing toilet, bathroom or kitchen facilities. Up until now, these were the only properties you required mandatory licensing for.

But as of October 1, 2018, many smaller properties will now be liable. If you own a rental property that meets the above criteria, and is single or double storey, it will also need a license. Don’t get caught out if this is you!


Other HMO considerations

Do you own a property in an Article 4 area? These properties, even with less than 5 tenants, will face more detailed rules. For this reason, we recommend you seek planning permission.

In our experience, something that will trip up a lot of landlords are minimum room sizes and set-up. In the following parts of this series we’ll cover room requirements in detail. We will also look at HMO landlord responsibilities (relevant to all!), licensing costs, and additional local rules.


Do you have any questions about the new HMO legislation that you’d like us to cover? Just pop it in the Comments section below.


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